Shoot the Recession

So what does this recession look like? Besides your pink slip and COBRA package, the closed store on the corner (and the one across the street from the first one, and down the street from the second one), and longer lines at the Food Bank? Is there any humor in this? Any creativity?

(An aside, didn’t you feel a little disappointed that your pink slip wasn’t actually pink? There could certainly be a new market for well-designed, clever pink slips.  I’m thinking origami. A pink slip that turns into a beer mug, or a hammock. Maybe a voodoo doll. Something with a sense of recessionary spirit. I don’t think we need to accept mediocre non-pink pink slips. Let’s raise our expectations and standards.)

Slate, the online magazine has launched a new photo project, Shoot the Recession.

They’ve asked their readers to submit photos to their Flickr site, in hopes of creating a visual mosaic of this moment. As of today, 271 images to tell our story. Slate has published a  slide show, Great Shots of Tough Times.

Some other great shots:


From Sabeth718, via Flickr.


It is forbidden to talk about the crisis. From F Lahiguera, via Flickr.


From Dannnno, via Flickr.


From Lost in Transit Collective, via Flickr.

This is about as funny as it gets. I know, not very. Give it time.

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