wet paint | new illustration work

Today I’m turning re:design over to my partner, Steve Barbaria. The new work is his, and I am thrilled to share it with you. Steve leads a double life, as a designer and an illustrator. It’s always a treat when his illustrations are integrated into our studio work. This time, integration went one step further, and the concepts that are showing up with our clients, like green building and globalization, have inspired his personal work. Steve, meet the Blogosphere…Blogosphere, meet Steve.


The paint is barely dry on my new paintings. These first two pieces are for the Directory of Illustration, and a new look for my work. I took inspiration from the emerging green energy businesses, and what I think will be a renewed interest in science on a national level. As a designer, the grid seems to play in much of my illustration work, just with more flexibility.  The strong graphic structure creates opportunities for an unusual juxtaposition of imagery, and allows me to explore pattern, connections, convergence, and influence. I like to think of this as “environmental innovation meets art and design.”



The second set of  images is for a potential show, Separated by Degrees. It’s an extension of the map series initiated by the map painting on our website’s home page. I began the set when Kim returned from her trips to India and Mexico with Freedom from Hunger. These are 12″ x 12″, and I plan to paint at least a dozen. I also have an even smaller set of 4″ x 4″ squares.

The first painting represents cultural iconography from Central America, especially Bolivia and Mexico. The woman is almost in hiding, behind the culture.


This image represents North America, and is based on electronic device icons and forms like the iPhone. There isn’t “deep” meaning, instead  it questions how we’re redefining our identities through our devices.


More of Steve Barbaria’s illustration work, here. Steve is also represented by Kolea Baker,  info here.

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