buy:design | ReForm School

It’s been a serious week here at re:design, so it’s time for a little Friday shopping therapy. Headed straight to ReForm School, and I confess, I want it all.

The website is a treat, like hanging out with the cool-clever-nerdy-arty-vintage-kids, drinking espresso, listening to obscure jazz, and smoking clove cigarettes. But without the cigarettes (because that really isn’t cool).

My picks:

The Non-Planner Datebook by Keri Smith. It promises me a sense of framework, without feeling constricted or bound by predictability. That’s good, I think.


The Skateboard Clutch by Beck(y)


Polite Cards by Bob and Roberta Smith


And in a lovely full circle moment, the 1000 Journals book (Voyeuristic. Inspirational. Entertaining.), chronicling a project I wrote about here (and reminding me to order my 1000 Journals film from Andrea Kreuzhage).


Easy to get into trouble here. And I didn’t even touch the hammock made from seatbelts. Honest.


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