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If you could negotiate for life, like (some) clients do for design….

It might look like this:

Just a little humor to end the week. This showed up first on How, Quipsologies and Design Observer, so it’s making the rounds. My favorite line?  “It’s cow.” Heh.


For the love of print | Grafica Fildalga

The smell of fresh ink, the sound of the presses. It’s good, isn’t it? If a pressroom makes you swoon, meet Brazilian printers, Grafica Fildalga.

Grafica Fildalga, in São Paulo, makes posters on a 1929 German letterpress using hand-carved wooden letters. This video documents the three friends who make up Grafica Fildalga as they create the a poster commissioned by

Called “lambe lambe,” the lightweight paper used for the posters was designed for wheat-pasting and, before São Paulo’s “clean city” initiative, could be found throughout the city. Thanks to the gallery Choque Cultural, who regularly makes posters for their shows with Grafica Fildalga, they’ve been able to stay alive but they could still use more help. Go ahead, hire them. Email the gallery’s director Edu (esaretta [at] gmail [dot] com).

Thanks to Swiss Miss for the introduction and the link. Now I believe I will open a bottle of wine and watch the video again. I can almost smell the ink.

Introducing a new type font | Googleography

Australian designer Rhett Dashwood spent seven months searching miles and miles of aerial imagery from Google Maps (primarily over his home region of Victoria, Australia) to create a complete, aerial alphabet. Very cool!

This came to me via my friend Michael, my official Australian design hookup,  via the blog Graphic Definer.


shout out to the entrepreneurs|grasshopper video

A little inspiration to kickstart the week.

Re-branding from the folks formerly known as GotVMail (who?), now known as Yup, it worked. A great example of using social networking, as well. Posted on YouTube, linked on Facebook by my friend Sean, and then picked up and blogged. I’m about to email the writer, Sonja Jacob….this is how it’s done.  Of course, it works because it’s a terrific piece, and the client invested in good writing, design and creativity.

Original music by Carly Comando. Written and produced by Sonja Jacob. Designed by Ben White in the UK.

I’m ready for some Monday morning world changing. How about you?