The Papergirl Project | Art for all in Berlin

With so much disturbing and tragic international news, this story provides a much-needed burst of creativity. It looks like Berlin is the place to be this summer. Check out this project, Papergirl.

Bicyclists are giving away free art, rolled up like newspapers, to just anyone. No time to pass judgments, just time to pass the creativity.


Photos by for Papergirl

According to the NY Times:

“Aisha Ronniger, a first year art school student, started brainstorming with her fellow students about alternative and legal ways to present art in public urban spaces. One friend suggested passing out art to the public like an old-school paperboy. And with that spontaneous idea, the Papergirl project was born.

Four years later, Papergirl has grown into a well-established Berlin happening. Hundreds of artworks on paper are sent from all corners of the globe to Ronniger and her team. “A lot of local street artists, like Kowalski and Brad Downey, take part because they are used to giving their art for free,” said Ronniger. Participants (who really can be anyone, from art students to doodling taxi drivers) are asked to submit a minimum of two artworks. (This year’s deadline for submissions is June 17).

According to Ronniger she and her volunteers put together 10 to 15 artworks in each roll that’s to be passed out — saving one artwork per artist to be shown at an exhibition, this year at the Alten Post on Karl-Marx-Straße in Neukölln. On an as-yet undisclosed day sometime between July 17 and 31 — the two weeks the show will be up — the Papergirl team will hit the streets of Neukölln (a poor, gritty neighborhood that has recently become popular with students and artists) with their rolls of art and pass them on to lucky strangers.”

Coolhunting just did a post on Papergirl, too. Looks like they were in the know long before I was!


1 Response to “The Papergirl Project | Art for all in Berlin”

  1. 1 lionsmoke June 30, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Wow! That is an amazing idea! What a way to get your artwork out there.

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