fly balls and info graphics | mapping baseball

Some of us actually think of information graphics as fun. Truthfully, a few more of us think baseball is fun. But baseball info graphics? That is some serious summertime sports and design two-fer-one fun. Meet Craig Robinson, and his web site Craig writes, “Essentially, this site is what I’d have been doing when I was 12 years old had the Internet and Photoshop been available to me in the eighties.”  So take a break and visit the site. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find his photo collection of stuck together Tic Tacs (still in their packages). Seriously.

Some of my favorites:

How far would a line as long as all the pitches in one season stretch? (Oct 06, redrawn Jun 09)


A look at whether the leagues have had a few great or crappy teams, or have been fairly strong overall, since 1995.(Jul 09)


After Jackie, how long did it take each team to break the color line? (Mar 09)


Distance covered by all base runners during the 2006 season. (Oct 06, re-designed Mar 09)


All information graphics © 2009 Craig Robinson.


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