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It’s been a while since we’ve done any shopping here at re:design, which means we really need some new bags. And I don’t mean that motley crew of bags I have stashed in my hall closet and on the floor of my car. You know what I mean…the bags from every store and event we’ve enjoyed in the past five years. Fun at the time, but as a collection, they need to go hang out with the old t shirts. I didn’t even realize I needed new bags, until I saw the website for Baggu Bags.


Thoughtful, sustainable design. Every color, light-weight 100% nylon, sewn out of one piece (no waste). Folds into a flat 5″ by 5″ pouch. Holds 25 lbs.  Machine washable. And not expensive. Mix and match actually works here. Hello? This is the bag my shopping cart has been waiting for.

And if you aren’t sold yet, check out this Coolhunting YouTube Video.

Simple. Sold. I’ll take five, thank you.


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