summer vocation | setting type

I’m headed to Maui,  and hoping I can post a few times while I am gone. If not, no worries. I’ll be somewhere on the beach practicing the art of chillaxing (and if not, my computer really does need to be taken away from me).

Kate’s roommate, Kathy, turned me onto these 1950’s training videos on typesetting. This is even more old school than I am.

At first I thought this was simply fun and quirky. But as I watched it, and slowed down enough to recognize how methodical and focused typesetters had to be, it made me wonder how this process influenced the publishing themselves. When words can’t be edited so quickly, were they taken more seriously the first time around?  Not sure, but I do know that the patience and discipline required to be a typesetter in the 50’s would test the best of us.

Now excuse me, while I go say thank you to progress.

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