Heroine |The typeface and the movie

So, maybe I have been spending too much time with my old friends, Gill Sans and Bodoni, but I hadn’t imagined type being marketed with movie trailers. This is one of the great benefits of blogging, a reason to poke around on a creative scavenger hunt, and find out what’s new and cool. And this qualifies. Via Swiss Miss, introducing the new font, Heroine, which will be released tomorrow. It’s from the folks at Fountain Type, in Sweden.

Here’s their marketing pitch: A new typeface designed by Göran Söderström – Heroine. Inspired by the typeface Windsor, designed by Eleisha Pechey in 1905. Windsor is the typeface used in the titles of many Woody Allen movies. A modern interpretation of this rusty pearl is something that always have been missing in the major type libraries. But Heroine is not only an interpretation, it goes beyond that. With the addition of swashes and alternate letters in several styles it becomes very addicitve.

Clever, yes? Now, check out the movie trailer:

There you have it, swashes and stylish ligatures, and a clever idea that works.

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