brooklyn superhero supply

This started as a post about a super cool store, Brooklyn Superhero Supply. But as I poked around, I realized the real creativity and connection and honest-to-goodness make the world a better place power belongs to the superhero we know as Dave Eggers.

Let’s start with the store. Stay with me, and we will get to the SuperDave part.

Have you been wondering how fantastic it would be to purchase all of your superhero gear from one source, and have it delivered in simple, appropriate and clean packaging with cool type and clever copy? It would make the business of being a superhero so much easier with efficient shopping, giving one more time to fight crimes like sloppy typography, messaging without clarity,  and the most evil of all, crowdsourcing.


It’s a brick and mortar store, with online ordering available. It’s designed well, and I certainly believe the packaging claims. Capes (standard, glitter and sidekick), secret identities (I choose Mysterious Astronaut), gear (Invisibility Detection Goggles–They won’t see you coming that they won’t see you coming) and supplies:






I’m also pretty excited about the map of good and evil. It’s helpful, just to know what one is getting  into on one’s time travels (so much easier now with am ample supply of bottled time travel serum).


And I am seriously buying the deflector bracelet for all of the wonder women in my life.  Perhaps they sell in bulk?


So all of that is pretty awesome, right? Get this, the store is a front, literally,  for Dave’s real passion, a literacy and tutoring lab for kids, 826NYC. The store is a nonprofit, and all proceeds support this creative writing center, which is in the same building.

And the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. There is also Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco. This was actually the first store. Dave started it when he wanted to have a tutoring project in the same offices as his publishing company, McSweeny’s. He knew that writers and editors would be working, and the kids could come in and there would be this wonderful exchange of volunteerism, literacy, people who love language,  and kids who need someone to pay attention to them. Except the city said the space was zoned for retail…which is how the Pirate store began.

And that’s the beginning of the story, at the end of the story, which is really a great story. Here’s Dave’s TED award speech. It’s only four minutes, but he packs a punch, and is pretty darn inspiring. Here’s his website, Once Upon a School, challenging each of us to become personally engaged with our public schools.

Shazam! is all I have to say.

Thanks to If It’s Hip, It’s Here, for the original introduction.


3 Responses to “brooklyn superhero supply”

  1. 1 Leslye Wood September 29, 2009 at 3:48 am

    We have an 826 in Seattle – it’s a fantastic place for kids/writing, where they also occasionally do classes for adults with amazing Seattle writers as a benefit for the program. I took a series last year. And oh by the way, it’s a space travel supply store.

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