wet paint | water into wine

We have a wonderful client, Larry Walker & Associates, who are water and environmental engineering consultants. We’ve been able to refresh the LWA website and collateral, and get to know some of the family who help run this company (where everyone is treated as family).  LWA  truly cares about doing the right thing for their clients, for the environment, and for their staff. That comes from Larry, himself.

Larry and his wife, Louise, are retiring after 30 years with the company, and the staff chose to honor them at their retreat at Lake Tahoe last weekend. Lucky for us, they decided to do it with wine for all, and Steve was asked to design a wine label for the event, illustrating the passions of Larry and Louise. Italy (especially Lucca), art (especially sculpture) and water (especially Roman aqueducts). Of course, Larry and Louise were also presented with the painting, along with the wine.

The painting:

Wine label Final

The label:


The wine:


Illustration: Steve Barbaria

Label printing: Monarch Color Services

Wine: Putah Creek Winery

Client of the day, Kathryn Walker!


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