where the wild things are

“Inside all of us is a Wild Thing”
— Where the Wild Things Are

Where_The_Wild_Things_AreI knew this was a special story the first time around.  I remember reading Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are to my younger brother (about 1969 or so) and, of course, to my own daughters. Somehow I scored the one well-worn copy and have it tucked away for my future grandchildren. Funny thing about WTWTA, I thought I was the only one who loved Max and his wolf suit.

Nine sentences. It had adventure, hope, fear, wonder, and the goodness of home in just a few wonderful pages.

Unless you have been hiding in your room, or on a deserted island nurturing your own inner-wild thing, you know that next week, the much anticipated Spike Jonze-Dave Eggers movie will be released October 16.

(There’s something a little goofy with the trailer. You just have to click the You Tube link. Go ahead, it’s worth it.)

There’s more, of course. Steven Heller wrote a wonderful interview with writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak.

And Dave Eggers (my new superhero) has written a 300-page novelization, The Wild Things. The cover alone makes me want to buy it.


Furry and standard editions. (Update: I ordered the furry guy.)

Here’s a cool piece about Geoff McFetridge, the title designer (it’s the official Wild Things blog). Check out the design studies. What a project.

And, there’s a WTWTA week in New York and WTWTA fashion at Urban Outfitters.


And you know, there’s an iPhone app.


Me, I’ll take the movie, and maybe the music. And the book of fur.

Let the wild rumpus start!


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