a (well designed) place in time

The most awesome design studio clock ever. If I had this clock, I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it. Meet the Qlocktwo.


I would buy this, right this minute, except that we have a runner up for the m.a.d.s.c.e., the shadow clock that Steve carried back from Paris, on his lap.

But I will lust for this one. Perhaps in red, and in Spanish.


Or the Lime Green in Dutch.


The Frozen Blackberry tabletop, in Russian?


And they have an iPhone app. Of course, they have an iPhone app.


It’s from Biegert & Funk.  It comes in six languages and five colors (except for the iPhone app, which is English and German only) and updates time every 5 seconds. I think it’s beautiful and brilliant.

Thanks to If It’s Hip, It’s Here for the find.


1 Response to “a (well designed) place in time”

  1. 1 Penny Hill November 4, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Wowie. Very pretty.
    Yet despite all the art, I still need a picture to show me my time – a clock with hands. No words, just angles. I don’t even need numbers on the face. Just the hands showing accurate time. 🙂

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