new year | new work

Happy New  Year. 2010 is such a typographically-friendly number, and it’s so fun to say with it’s three-t syllables–it can’t help but be more delightful than 2009. Last year was a challenge for the entire design industry (heck, for everyone), but it did have a few professional high points. One of them was our relationship with Reach Global, absolutely our most inspiring and exciting client. We recently launched their website, version 1.0.

Reach germinated at Freedom from Hunger, as a new way to deliver services to the poorest of the poor, particularly women and adolescent girls. Reach’s core service is training, delivered to women in the setting of a self-help or savings group, which are popular and essential resources, even in the most rural areas. Last year Reach became an independent organization, and we’ve been engaged in the development of their marketing and communications strategy and all of their materials.

Today the program is active in India (where I visited in 2008), but plans are underway to expand to the poorest regions of Africa. Reach’s focus is on delivering training, on health, family finance and micro-businesses to adolescent girls, along with their moms. The trainings are called Learning Games for Girls, and they are a powerful and effective tool in helping girls take control of their own lives. This is part of the Girl Effect, and Nike Foundation was an early supporter of their work.

And it’s our work. Work we’re proud and honored to have been part of. May 2010 bring us all work that inspires, delights, perhaps provokes, and helps to change just a small corner of the world.

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