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If you were raised on Edward Tufte, then your heart races when you see a great infographic. Perhaps even a small adrenaline rush when narrative, color, shapes and understanding all collide (or is that just me?).  And of course, one hit leads to another, and you want more. Pretty soon, every day you are seeking unexpected information presented in unexpected ways. Ah, the life of an infographic geek.

I’ve been doing some recognizance to feed my own habit, but also to help nourish yours. A daily dose, along with your coffee, extra strong please:

Chart Porn is compiled  by Dustin Smith, an economist in Washington DC. Visit for treats like this:

Chart Porn’s caption: An entertaining compendium of visualizations about the upcoming year, created for Chronogram Magazine. The magazine write-up included a wonderful self-denigrating statement from designer Jason Cring: “Cring believes infographic purists like information design guru Edward Tufte would be appalled. ‘Tufte’s very opinionated about the right and wrong ways to present information. He would not approve of any of this, I’m quite sure.’”

Chart Porn also brought us the Evolution of Crayola Color Chart (credited to

Randy Krum powers Cool Infographics. He collects graphics, sells posters and serves as a resource for those who love information. Clearly, he knows how much I love coffee.

One of my favorite sources is Good Magazine. Some of their most popular infographics of 2009 are here.

This season produce chart is interactive. Click on the chart to visit their site and play vegetable roulette.

And then, there is some stuff that’s just fun to know. Like the Chocolate Pie Chart from Mary and Matt.

And the very best seem to be the very simple:

(can’t identify the original source of this, though I’ve traced it through Swiss Miss, Design Crush, DSharp and fffound. It looks like it could have come from

1 Response to “re:sources | feeding your inner-infographic geek”

  1. 1 LisaF January 19, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Chart Porn and Chocolate Pie Charts. What more could I ask for today?

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