buy:design | what’s the big idea?

I suspect the same conversation happens in every design studio. We drink coffee and someone says something clever (perhaps) and someone else says, “that would be great on a t shirt.” And later in the day, post afternoon latte run, someone designs something cool, and the fourth someone else says (again), “that would be great on a t shirt.” And repeat.

We said it. And we did it. We jumped in and opened a store, What’s The Big Idea, on We’ve been wanting to do this for years, and when we were working on our New Year’s promo, the time and opportunity created a giant Venn diagram of right-timeness.

We’re not sure where this new path will lead, but we’re hoping there is something good around the corner. For us, it’s about following our curiosity, taking things into our own hands, and creating something new and energizing and even fun (remember that? fun!). This blog started that way, and we’re trusting the process of discovery.

We’ve opened with two lines, 2010|The Year To Get It Done, and We have a clipboard and stack of folders full of ideas, and we’ll keep making stuff and hoping some of it will resonate with our friends, colleagues and  folks who stumble upon the shop. Heck, we might even use this social marketing thing for something besides announcing how we feel about the weather, the weekend and today’s sandwich.

So if you have a moment, click on over and check out the newest venture. Let us know what you think, and may we all brave the new year and the new decade and make something happen, like we know it can.

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