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love letter for you, street style

Before you start your week, take a moment to wander around this site, and I promise your week will have a little more bounce to it’s step.  A Love Letter For You is a mural project in Philadelphia, painted on the walls facing the Market elevated train. The project encompasses 50 painted walls, done by 40 artists.  Here’s a sampling…but really, pour another cup of coffee and go to the site and enjoy all of it. (See, I gave you three chances, one for each cup of coffee.)


making type out of…anything

The Type Diaries of Vladimir Koncar (via Quipsologies). Tea bags, condoms, cigarettes, pills, hair, rotten apples…I am at a loss for words.  Stunning….fun….weird…cool…inspiring.

sounds like…blog

My friend Trenton wrote about this cool/weird/fun/amazing site called Codeorgan. It’s programmed to analyze a website and make music from it according to specific algorithms (I think). It looks like this.

And it sounds like this. Or at least that’s what this blog sounds like. Go figure.

olympic art, colbert style

Stephen Colbert commissioned Shepard Fairey to do his own version of an Olympic poster, and then premiered it on his show. Colbert may be over the top, but I do appreciate his shout out to the power of design.

Link to his interview with David Ross, and a surprisingly interesting discussion about what is required for an effective Olympic poster, here.

ampersands for haiti

My blog buddy Steve Mehallo is a contributor to SOTA’s Font Aid IV new project, Ampersands for Haiti. As a lover of ampersands (and the mother of a daughter who takes ampersands seriously enough to tattoo one on her shoulder…in Bodoni), I think this is brilliant. The perfect connection of concept, usability and philanthropy.  The set, called Coming Together,  is available for about $20 from Veer and Ascender, with all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

Brilliant, inspired and well-designed. There is hope.

quick reference color theory

Paper Leaf Design in Edmonton designed this quick reference poster, to be printed out, or even used as a screen saver, with the whats and whys of color theory. Clever, practical and free. The trifecta of good design.

Via Design Crush.

heart art

Just because. I heart letterpress, and designers who find a different way to tell the same story.

From Sycamore Street Press.

From Felt+Wire, Roll and Tumble Press.

Sarah Utter at