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design for learning

As a high school softball mom, I visit the backside of schools at least once a week each spring. And every time, I hear myself saying, “Why do they have to be so, so….so beige?” Even here in Davis, California, Home of the Overachievers, our schools are lacking in color and creativity. A few murals here and there, a mosaic trash can….but nothing to excite and inspire.

And once again, we can learn something from Paula Scher of Pentagram:

(all photos by Pentagram).

Paula used the power of design for the power of learning at Achievement First Endeavor Middle School in Brooklyn.

She started with slogans and labels the kids had already developed (and were encouraged to stick on books and lockers) and turned them into super graphics. Color, type, and real graphic design making a real difference. Seriously, how cool is that?

The original stickers.


don’t be an accomplice…

To bad design, boring presentations, or harm to kitties. You know who you are…

By Mark Goetz, via Boing Boing.

letterheady stuff

New/old letterheads from Shaun Usher is also the creator/editor/proprietor behind Letters of Note. Some of my favorites:

(Not a fan of Hugh or Playboy, but the design is awesome and appropriate).

Frank Lloyd Wright.

more posters from anthony burrill

I became a fan of Anthony Burrill’s work with his Work Hard and Be Nice to People poster. More new, nice stuff. (Thanks to Design Crush for the find.)

google before you tweet

If it’s letterpress, it must be true. New poster (and new rules) from I Love Typography.

going bananas| the chiquita banana refresh

DIY stickers for your bananas. Clever stuff, those banana branding fellas (and gals).

Source: The Die Line. And a nice interview with the art director on Design Related.

logos get some respect, or at least an oscar. congrats logorama.

Winner of best animated short. 2500 logos in 17 minutes. Here’s the trailer.

And a review from Design Observer.

I can just hear designers’ parents all over the country, “Hey Thelma, logorama, isn’t that what junior does, designs those logo thingamajigs?”

I feel legit, for some weird reason.