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re:read and re:new | t+b 2010 summer reading list


re:treat | a website vacay designed just for fun

Just a few to enjoy with your mojito, or margarita, or whatever cold and frosty beverage sends summer goodness your way. Delightful recipe renderings from illustrators and designers. (Thanks to Kevin Yee for the find).

Salsa Verde by Geninne Zlatkis.

A Collection A Day by illustrator Lisa Congdon. Boy, does she have some cool stuff. And if she doesn’t, she imagines it.

Truly Amazing Homes. My daughter Kate sent me this one. Check out the awesome treehouses, then let your imagination visit this one (it’s a hotel):

From Swedish firm Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter.

And to guarantee you leave with a smile on your face, I present….the Terrestrial Shrub Rover by Justin Shull.

(via Swiss Miss)

re:treat | the world cup of stamp design

I’ve been wanting to do a post on the graphic design of the World Cup, but honestly, nothing captured my imagination enough to warrant the attention. Maybe I was just distracted by the cacophony of vuvuzelas.  And then I saw these postage stamps on design:related.

Karen Horton has curated a beautiful collection of stamps from every participating country. Most  are from  1900 through the mid-1930s, with a few from the early 1970s.

Some of my favorites:

addicted, me?

From Flowtown (visit for a larger image), via Cool Infographics.

yup, that’s what I thought, too

Homemade iPad.

From Swiss Cheese and Bullets. Thanks to David Airey of Logo Design Love for the find (via Twitter).

design for a change

Philadelphia design firm,  The Heads of State, is offering this two color serigraph poster as a charity fundraiser for Oceana. You can buy one here.  One  poster may not change the world, but it’s a fine step towards speaking out and acting, rather than just sighing and complaining. Good stuff.

Thanks to Jessica Hische for the find.

yup, that’s about right

A brand reveals the authentic spirit of an organization, right?  It helps set expectations for the experience to come, right? Here are some redesign suggestions for the British Petroleum logo from Draplin. I think they got it right, though I think the collateral should certainly incorporate photos of the lives (human and animal) that have been touched (did I say touched?  I meant ruined) by the oil leak disaster.

More here, from Grain Edit.