my coffee, myself

For some reason I am lacking a design-inspiration vibe today.  I can’t claim that our industry isn’t providing plenty of inspiration, but somehow it’s not feeling bloggable to me at the moment. Perhaps (shameless self-promotion plug coming) it’s because all of my energy has been going towards my new project, Coffee|Served Daily.

Last year, because doing this blog and a personal blog (Tour of No Regrets) wasn’t enough (I know, I know),  I embarked on Project 365, taking a photo a day for a year. It made me crazy and there was plenty of complaining. But with a little cheating, I finished it. And I realized that my favorite part was connecting with other people, being inspired and motivated by them, and seeing what was happening around the country, and the world.

I started to imagine an interactive blog, focused on coffee. Afterall, coffee is social and personal, it’s homey and it’s international, it’s beautiful and it’s ordinary. It’s the perfect connector.

Of course, I don’t go small on this kind of stuff, so I committed to 1000 cups, one photo at a time. And it’s working, on several levels. I have a lively blog, I’m paying closer attention to my coffee, I’m drinking better coffee, and I am taking photos almost every day.  My friends are sending me coffee photos, and even people I don’t know are contributing. I have new coffee friends and renewed caffeinated inspiration.  Coffee photos surprise me in my in box several times a day. They are of varying quality, but they all come with a story.

Some of my favorites, so far:

From Lana V., aka Lanamaniac.

From my friend (and talented designer) Kevin Cahill.

From Reina.

And finally, Coffee Gods, from my good friend, Leslie Flores.

I’m learning more, about coffee, the product and the process,  and connecting the dots of social media. And as a bonus, it’s great fun. I love the internet, and I love a good project. And of course, I really, really love coffee.

Come over and visit (see, it’s easy….right here). Better yet, bring a photo of your coffee with you. Would love to have you.


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