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automorphosis | pure joy

I have always loved art cars. One day I will have/make one. My glue gun and my collection of girl superhero dolls are just waiting for the right moment. In the meantime we have Automorphosis.

Featuring a perfect poster by Calef Brown:

Plus, access to camera van postcards (c’mon, you know you want to get a closer look).

And of course, a reason to visit Douglas, Arizona (to visit Art Car World).


mindful by design | part three

manifesto for happy


This is the Holstee Manifesto Poster. At $25.00, it’s a cheap reminder of what’s important. It is missing the “drink good coffee” line, but it’s letterpress, so those two cancel each other out. Enjoy. Via Internet Therapy.

design helps | fundraising for japan

Designers have a long history of recognizing, promoting and supporting social issues with their art. Last year the posters were being designed for Haiti and the Gulf Oil Spill. Today it’s for Japan.

Japan Earthquake 2011. N0 11, by Linda Yuki Nakanishi, sold through Design Milk Dairy at Studio 6. Via Design Milk.

By Max Erdenberger, a designer at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.  Choose how much you want to donate in exchange for the poster, starting at $25.

From Joshua Smith at Hydro74.

By Signalnoise.

For something a little different, my friend  Kim Thompson-Steel is auctioning off an 11×14 Fracture-mounted photo print at her blog, Mosey Along. And you know, the idea of mending fences is the perfect metaphor.