the what is important wall

A better title is the “before I die wall” but I was a little concerned no one would read it. And if I did, and you didn’t, then we would have all missed the remarkable, inspiring, provocative and powerful work of Candy Chang in New Orleans.

Candy, a New Orleans-based installation artist, turned the walls of an abandoned house in her neighborhood into a giant chalkboard, stenciled with the words “before I die” and invited everyone to write their wishes and dreams in the space. And they did. Over and over again.

It was filled in a day.

And when it was washed, it was filled again the next day.

The house has been sold, and the wall was scheduled to come down a few days ago.  I know New Orleans is a special place, with an amazing soul and spirit. But I can’t help but think about other communities and neighborhoods, and what would happen if we trusted ourselves, and each other, with an inspired idea and the tools for art.

Before I die, I would like to conjur up a brilliant, joyful, empowering idea, and have the courage to make it happen. And I just might.

Thanks to Lisa of Peripheral Perceptions for the find.


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