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Eames: The Architect and The Painter

No question, Charles and Ray Eames are two of the most important designers of the 20th Century. I remember seeing Powers of Ten when I was in elementary school…it blew me away even before I knew what design was. Not only did they blend art and industry,  they blended curiosity with productivity. As someone who has shared a design studio with her husband for over 30 years (can it be?), they have always been the standard for a creative partnership. Can’t wait to see the new documentary of their lives and work.


lifecycle | the holstee manifesto redux

Last March I posted the Holstee Manifesto. Today Holstee released a fantastic video, celebrating the manifesto through bicycling.

Here’s what the fine Holstee folks say about it on their blog:

“The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community. We are amazed to see how rapidly these words have spread across the globe, and are honored by the countless people who have experienced these words to be a source of realization and inspiration in their own lives. We want the Manifesto to hold us accountable to living each day as fully as we can and are so encouraged by the amazing community of people joining us in that journey…. The wonderful team at Demonstrous Productions has done a brilliant job of bringing this to life on the screen by capturing the beautiful bikers who came out for the shoot, and we are so proud of this film.”
My favorite line is this: Life is about the people we meet, and the things we create with them.
Take a moment to check out the video, and then take another moment to check out the Holstee site for lifestyle goods, designed with a conscience. And then park the car and pull out your bike.

all things ampersand

I can never get enough punctuation in my life. Of course, I am fond of the exclamation point (and try to contain myself and not use multiples) and the question mark (and questions in general). But ever since my daughter, Kate, got her ampersand tattoo (in Bodoni, mind you), the all inclusive, always intriguing “and” has been my favorite.  Here’s a little more for you…

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