the earth observatory

Funny thing happens when one begins wandering around the world wide web…one becomes distracted, lost and forgets what she might have been looking for in the first place. Today I stumbled upon a NASA website that took my breath away, I’ve known that NASA was a resource for space visuals, but I’ve never explored past the moon pictures. I dare you to go in there and find your way out within an hour.

Seeing the forest for the trees (mapping the world’s forests in three dimensions)

The World Of Change (The Antarctic Ozone Layer from 1979-2011)

Global Temperatures (click through this one and then tell me you aren’t frightened just a little bit).

Winter Storm in the Pacific Northwest (image of the day)

You can subscribe here (which I did, of course). But I recommend once a week, rather than daily, if you value the concept of productive and billable time.

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