the merchandising of a president

Last week I was cruising around the internet and I found this poster, which very clearly wanted to be pinned.  And so I did.

But on my way to Pinterest, I discovered the home of the poster, Now I am well aware that Barack (no secret, I refer to him as my boyfriend, and while I had several years of disappointment, I am still (STILL) hopeful) Obama is the President who understands branding. In fact, I started this blog in 2009 with a piece on the branding of his campaign. But this store blew me away.

Perhaps one needs to be a California liberal who appreciates the collaboration of message, typography and image…but this is really something. We have gone beyond stickers and signs folks. We’re talking iPhone cases, doggie bandanas, yoga pants, soy candles, grilling accessories, and a designer store called Runway to Win (Tory Burch tote, Jason Wu T shirt).

Of course, I was delighted to see one of my favorite coffee mugs (thank you Ann) on the site as well. I think I will pass on the Joe Biden mug (though cleverly titled, Cup of Joe).

Whether you vote for my boyfriend, or the other one, you have to admit, this is a change…and I think one that is designed with thoughtfulness and a dash of humor. Nicely done.


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