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coffee|served daily, or an overly caffeinated side project

In January 2011 I had this crazy idea. I thought I could drink, photograph, collect and curate 1000 cups of coffee. I called it Coffee|Served Daily as it grew out of my 2010 Project 365, Life|Served Daily (and my obvious, and perhaps slightly disturbing, need to have a constant stream of side projects).  Today I made it!

I learned about coffee, connecting, and the power of the internet. I thought this would be for a small group of friends, but somehow the project spread and people from all over the world sent me pictures of their coffee.  It’s been awesome (and also frustrating, overwhelming, delightful, delicious, inspiring, energizing and fun).

I wrote more about what I learned throughout the process on today’s post. Check it out here. And next time you want to chat over coffee, you know who to call.