re:design is created and generated from Tackett+Barbaria, a design and marketing firm in Davis, California. It’s our version of connect-the-dots, and a conversation about the power and potential of design. There’s a lot of creativity out there, and we can’t wait to explore it, explain it, and share it when we can.

I’m Kim Tackett, the opinionated and easily-distracted partner of Tackett+Barbaria, and an unabashed design groupie (my husband and business partner, Steve Barbaria, is the art director component of our studio). I think design is powerful, necessary, astonishing and really fun. When done right, the world pays attention. And that’s pretty awesome stuff.

We also have a shop, called What’s the big idea? at Zazzle. That’s new, as of January 2010, and just another place for us to make stuff up. Which is why we do this anyway, isn’t it? So we can go to work and make stuff up?

And yes, I do suffer from creative intention disorder.

I keep a personal blog, Kim’s Tour of No Regrets, and re:design is the next step in bridging my personal life with my professional work. I’m also a new Project 365er, and that blog (because every gal needs three blogs, don’t you think?) is called Life: Served Daily.

Curious? Leave a comment or send me a note. I’m curious about you, too. And if you Twitter, then send me a tweet at

Copyright stuff: Acknowledge it, share it, do the right thing.


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