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addicted, me?

From Flowtown (visit for a larger image), via Cool Infographics.


don’t be an accomplice…

To bad design, boring presentations, or harm to kitties. You know who you are…

By Mark Goetz, via Boing Boing.

paying for a day well ruined

Typographer|designer Jessica Hische has designed the best gift for any designer…a notepad of invoices for those clients who insist on ruining a good design project, and a good day. The covers are letterpressed and the interiors are 2 color offset, bound with glue and black binding tape.

My favorite line item: the general feeling of ickiness I get each and every time we communicate. Luckily, our clients generally stay on good behavior (shout out to awesome clients everywhere), but I may want to get a stash just in case…

Visit Jessica’s store to purchase.

art history poster| this one’s for kate

The path of discovery: Meryl Friedman via Design Milk, with credit to Vik Vidor.

lettercult | best custom lettering of 2009

Prepare to swoon. Via Quipsologies, with all credit to (check out their site for more…it’s pretty inspirational). Some of my favorites:

Jessica Hische. As I was putting thisĀ  post together, Lettercult named Jessica 2009 Person of the Year. Well deserved. Read more about Jessica and her work here.

Michael Doret.

Carolyn Sewell.

Richard Perez.

Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols.

B.T. Livermore.

re:treat | helvetica cookie cutters

Because any self-respecting designer knows you can’t show up with cookies in Comic Sans or Souvenir. From Beverly Hsu.

Beyond design, beyond imagination | New Hubble images

New images from the restored Hubble Space Telescope were released today. Breathtaking.


More insight and information (and perhaps a little inspiration) from NASA, here.

Simply spectacular. Wow.