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bike art to go

I live in one of the most bicycle-friendly towns in America, Davis CA, and pretty much adore all things bicycle. Including these posters.

Eleanor Grosch at Poster Cabaret.

Stumptown Printing at Buy Olympia.

Jackson Creek Press.

Hero Design Studio.

The Keep Calm Shop on Etsy.

From Small Stakes, via BB Blinks.


more posters from anthony burrill

I became a fan of Anthony Burrill’s work with his Work Hard and Be Nice to People poster. More new, nice stuff. (Thanks to Design Crush for the find.)

love letter for you, street style

Before you start your week, take a moment to wander around this site, and I promise your week will have a little more bounce to it’s step.  A Love Letter For You is a mural project in Philadelphia, painted on the walls facing the Market elevated train. The project encompasses 50 painted walls, done by 40 artists.  Here’s a sampling…but really, pour another cup of coffee and go to the site and enjoy all of it. (See, I gave you three chances, one for each cup of coffee.)

making type out of…anything

The Type Diaries of Vladimir Koncar (via Quipsologies). Tea bags, condoms, cigarettes, pills, hair, rotten apples…I am at a loss for words.  Stunning….fun….weird…cool…inspiring.

olympic art, colbert style

Stephen Colbert commissioned Shepard Fairey to do his own version of an Olympic poster, and then premiered it on his show. Colbert may be over the top, but I do appreciate his shout out to the power of design.

Link to his interview with David Ross, and a surprisingly interesting discussion about what is required for an effective Olympic poster, here.

heart art

Just because. I heart letterpress, and designers who find a different way to tell the same story.

From Sycamore Street Press.

From Felt+Wire, Roll and Tumble Press.

Sarah Utter at

art history poster| this one’s for kate

The path of discovery: Meryl Friedman via Design Milk, with credit to Vik Vidor.