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state of the internet

I promise, with this infographic, I will walk away, and not revisit pretty charts and graphs for another few weeks.

This one actually has useful (and surprising) information. Via with credit to (Thanks Ann)


let it beatles infographics

Apologies for the corny post title, but I can’t help myself. Can’t seem to stay from the infographics either. These are courtesy of the brilliant design of Michael Deal. Seriously, go check out his site, and see if it doesn’t make you just a little bit happy.

re:sources | feeding your inner-infographic geek

If you were raised on Edward Tufte, then your heart races when you see a great infographic. Perhaps even a small adrenaline rush when narrative, color, shapes and understanding all collide (or is that just me?).  And of course, one hit leads to another, and you want more. Pretty soon, every day you are seeking unexpected information presented in unexpected ways. Ah, the life of an infographic geek.

I’ve been doing some recognizance to feed my own habit, but also to help nourish yours. A daily dose, along with your coffee, extra strong please:

Chart Porn is compiled  by Dustin Smith, an economist in Washington DC. Visit for treats like this:

Chart Porn’s caption: An entertaining compendium of visualizations about the upcoming year, created for Chronogram Magazine. The magazine write-up included a wonderful self-denigrating statement from designer Jason Cring: “Cring believes infographic purists like information design guru Edward Tufte would be appalled. ‘Tufte’s very opinionated about the right and wrong ways to present information. He would not approve of any of this, I’m quite sure.’”

Chart Porn also brought us the Evolution of Crayola Color Chart (credited to

Randy Krum powers Cool Infographics. He collects graphics, sells posters and serves as a resource for those who love information. Clearly, he knows how much I love coffee.

One of my favorite sources is Good Magazine. Some of their most popular infographics of 2009 are here.

This season produce chart is interactive. Click on the chart to visit their site and play vegetable roulette.

And then, there is some stuff that’s just fun to know. Like the Chocolate Pie Chart from Mary and Matt.

And the very best seem to be the very simple:

(can’t identify the original source of this, though I’ve traced it through Swiss Miss, Design Crush, DSharp and fffound. It looks like it could have come from

This American Life Infographics

This American Infographic, based on the public radio show, This American Life. Designer EJ Fox made it his New Year’s resolution to do one new infographic for each episode.  Because you know, some of us just can’t get enough of this stuff.

Thanks to Design Observer for the original link.

re:treat | if you printed the internet


Via Quipsologies, who credits Dark Roasted Blend for the find. Check out Creative Cloud for the full project.  Remember when we used to call it the world wide web? Seems pretty accurate. The mind boggles…

did you know? | shift happens 4.0

And the conversation continues. This is an official update to the original “Shift Happens” video I wrote about here. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist.

So now we’re overloaded (or gifted?) with information. What to do? It’s  worth some pondering, that’s for sure. Everyone is looking for a way to connect, and to build a community where they can be heard.  That’s true, whether it’s about our business, or our personal lives. It’s just so interesting to me that we find it easier to do online, that to sit down with the person across the table, or across the street, and ask, “What are you up to? What are you caring about, right this minute?”

That would take more time, wouldn’t it? You’d have to listen, pay attention, and perhaps even do something.

This social networking thing is fascinating and addictive (yes, I know!), but it’s still just about connecting, messaging, and engaging. It’s up to us to make the conversation authentic and to take it some place new. To make it meaningful. Even actionable.

For more conversation check out and

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Thanks to my friend and marketing pro, Siobhan Miura, for the link!

moon landing comic book art

Celebrating the 40th anniversary with art, of course.