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buy:design | mustache mania

I’m an end-of-the-trend kind of gal. I usually catch them on their way out, just as they are about to hit the mainstream and become a Hallmark card or Target sales merchandise. Sure, there are a few folks behind me, but there are plenty more ahead of me.  Skeletons, blackbirds, and robots, remember them? When mustache stuff started showing up, I just thought it was quirky and weird. I didn’t figure out it was a trend until, well, yesterday when a few design blogs started demanding death to the mustache posts. Which means I am right on time and have about three days left before I have to hide.

We all know every trend breeds unfortunate knockoffs. And really, a bad mustache is just…bad. As a public service to help prevent mustache mistakes, Re:design brings you the best-designed, classiest, most useful, clever and tasteful mustache gifts for the holiday season. You can thank me later.


For the jewelry lover, the Mustache Ring, by Melanie Favreau.


The How the West Was Warm Cowl, from Toasty Knits on Etsy.


Draw your own. Comes in five styles–Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django and Clark. From Atypyk, via Swiss Miss.


If you’re on a budget, consider Mustache Bandages.


For your bike, from Etsy, also via Swiss Miss.


I don’t know that I can actually look at these, but I can’t look away, either. Mr. Mustache Pillow from Whorange.

But this, this I gotta have.


The Humunga Stash Dog Chew Toy, via Internet Therapy.